Betsy Connie
She might be the sweetest girl
to ever have driven a hovercraft.
Living on her forest island
she has become very mellow and shy.
She’s very careful and apologizes a lot more
than she insults.
Equipped with a giant ego and firmly convinced
that she is the best racer in the universe.
Connie doesn’t know the concept of work
and playing around is her way of life...
Göran Ida
A very lively, enthusiastic and confused guy.
Coming from a suburban home,
he stole his father’s hovercraft
and modified it for racing.
He is known as the ultimate backstabber
and should never ever be trusted...
An extremely lively and cheerful girl.
She acts before she does anything.
Even thinking!
She loves space and everything that’s big.
That might explain the size of her hovercraft.
Ignoring the world Roger does things in his own way.
He firmly believes he should rule the world.
Roger found his hovercraft inside an iceberg and
didn’t even bother to modify it in any way...

Every item in this game has a secondary function which is either
slightly or greatly different from the normal item.

Primary mode Secondary mode
Armor Armor Blast
Makes the player invulnerable
to physical damage for a limited period
Damages all hovercrafts around the player
Rocket Homing Missile
A rocket that travels forward in a straight line
and explodes when it hits another hovercraft
A missile that chases the hovercraft
in front of the player and explodes when it hits
Machine Gun Shotgun
Fires multiple bullets in a straight line
which slows down your opponents on impact
Fires all bullets at the same time
with a spread effect
Mine Traveling mine
Explodes when a hovercraft collides with it A moving mine
Boost Super Boost
Gives the player a temporary speed boost Gives the player a greater temporary speed boost
Magnet Teleport
Attaches to the opponent behind the player
and grants a minor speed boost to the player and
a minor speed penalty to the opponent
Instantly switches places between
the player and the opponent in front of the player
Hacking Firewall
Steal an item from another hovercraft Creates a shield that will steal
any weapon that is used on the player


Play through all levels and gather as many points
as possible by achieving one of Top 3 positions.

Quick Race

Race a single level with opponents and weapons.

Time Trial

Complete a lap as quick as possible with only boost-items.


The last player to finish every lap is removed from the race until only one remains.

Menu Controls

Arrow keys - Select option
Enter - Confirm
Esc - Back


W - Accelerate
S - Brake/Reverse
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right
U, Left Alt or Right Ctrl - Use Item / Hold for secondary mode
G - Drop item
Spacebar - Jump
Esc - Exit/Back

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